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You can buy Koyns® in multiples of 500 Koyns®. What are Koyns®?

If you want to pay for the solution as per time (and not as per features) then you would need to buy the exact amount for the time period as per our current pricing.

After purchasing; you will be presented with a page explaining how to assign the purchased Koyns® to any account either immediately or later.

Buy from Paypal in US Dollars or Euros
For this gateway, please specify the quantity of sets of 500 Koyns® at the Paypal page
The value of 1 set of 500 Koyns® is $6.5 USD (Rate may vary slightly)

NOTE: All payments are handled by Sabu Francis & Associates. Limen Leap Labs is a division of Sabu Francis & Associates.

Buy from Instamojo in Indian Rupees
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The value of 1 set of 500 Koyns® is Rs 500 INR.