Simple, practically free pricing

ALL features are fully available to you; even during the trial period!. No payment or credit-card etc are needed to sign-up and try our solution! We use an innovative concept called Koyns® for you to use our entire solution and pay for it a little bit at a time.

Pay as per features

If you use the account only once a while, this may be the better choice. You would be able to use this service practically free. You are effectivley micro-consuming our solution. A few Koyns® at a time. Currently, only the following features are chargeable:

  • Login: 1 Koyns®
  • Save a note after scanning: 20 Koyns®
  • View code report (charged once a session): 5 Koyns®
  • Save users: 10 Koyns®
  • Add a project: 50 Koyns®
  • Logout: 1 Koyns®

Pay as per time

You want to pay one fixed amount, instead of worrying about Koyns® consumption?. No worries. You can pay as per the following time spans instead of paying as per feature used. You can then use all features any number of times for the said time period:

  • 3 months: 4500
  • 6 months: 6500
  • 12 months: 16500
Note that if you have any earlier Koyns® balance in the account, then those would also get consumed.
What are Koyns®? They are our internal currency that is used by this service. The value of one 1 of the Koyns® is 1.00 INR. Approx 0.01196 USD. Toggle Currency You can buy these Koyns® right here!

ALL the features (including the priced ones) of our service are free to begin with. For this service, we provide 500 free trial Koyns® valid for 4 months. So you have plenty of time to try out ALL features of this service. Moreover, the trial period only starts from the time when you sign-in for the first time. So why wait? Get an account fast, and try our service at your convenience.

Why do we use Koyns?