Why use Koyns?

We understand our users very well. We don't offer three (or four) kinds of pricing that leaves them confused. Instead, ALL features are available to ALL users; even during the trial period. We have an innovative way of charging only for features that provide good benefits for you.

Only a few priced-features consume these Koyns®. All the other features are free.

You don't use those priced features? Well, the account is then practically free. This form of payment is suitable when you do not use the service too often.

But if this is confusing; you can always go for the simple all-feature available, time-based pricing.

What are the other benefits?
You can even use the same payment to try out ANY of our several services from Limen Leap Labs. Say you paid something here; but you paused/stopped for any reason. Feel free to use the balance in another service from Limen Leap Labs.

We have an innovative micro-purchasing system in our service. Assign some Koyns® into your account and immediately, you can consume those Koyns®; a few for each of the paid-for features. (Free features do not consume anything). Even others can buy and assign Koyns® to you. A purchaser of Koyns® need not even have an account with us.

Koyns®only get consumed as per your usage of these features. If you are just looking around, it does not cost you anything much.

What if the same feature was used again and again?
Most of our priced features are charged ONLY ONCE for that feature in one signed-in session. Say for example; this solution charges 5 Koyns® for the Management page. After you sign-in once you would be charged only once to access that page. Then you can access that page multiple times without additional charges in that session. Only when you sign-out and sign-in again, would the same feature again be available for being charged. i.e. multiple use of the same feature is usually free from the second use onward, of that feature in that session.

In a few cases, it is not possible for us to know whether you have signed-in or not. In that case the Koyns® consumption would be very low (usually just one of the Koyns®) as such a feature could get used multiple times.

We cannot refund any Koyns® that are already consumed. However if you had some balance from a bunch of purchased Koyns® then we can refund those, provided they are worth more than $100 USD (in case of users outside of India) or Rs 7500/- (in case of users within India). This is because we would incurr additional charges for the bank, handling, foriegn exchange etc. and it would be impractical for us to handle any lesser refunds.

Refunds would be done via Paypal for users who are outside India. Personal cheques would be couriered to Indian users who want a refund. Courier, banking, payment-gateway conversion charges, and foriegn exchange charges would be deducted in all cases. Since ® can be freely assigned to others, we will have to first ensure that it is the original purchaser who is asking for the refund.