What are Koyns®?

Koyns® is what we call our internal virtual currency by which you pay for our solutions. These Koyns® are NOT cryptocurrency*. It's just a convenient way to understand how we get paid. Think of these as actual, small-value coins.

Such Koyns® are consumed when you; as a user, use some features of any of our solutions. These features that consume a few Koyns® at a time are called 'paid-for-features'. So we earn our money from our users a few Koyns® as per the paid-for-features you use.

Many features in our solutions are priced as low as just one of the Koyns®. Currently the value of one of the Koyns® is 1.00 INR (0.01206 USD)

How to use Koyns®?
Three simple steps
  1. You can purchase these Koyns® in sets of 500 Koyns® at a time.
  2. The total Koyns® that you purchase at any one time is stamped together using a unique KCode. You would need that KCode for the next step. Normally you would get the KCode immediately after purchasing. But we have a form on this website for you to retrieve the KCode later too.
  3. Use that KCode in a form on this website and assign its purchased Koyns® to any user with an account with us. Again, this too can be done immediately after you purchase the Koyns® Or you can do it later at your convenience.

The pricing page lists all the features that consume Koyns® in this solution. There are two ways of consuming Koyns®.

1. Pay as per feature
This approach is very handy if you use our service intermittently: You can use the service for quite a lot of time practically free. You don't have to get worried about going out of town for a couple of weeks and wasting your monthly spend on a service. Because, this method of payment ensures that only when you actually use a paid-for-feature is when its Koyns® (i.e the price of that feature) is actually consumed.

And when the account runs out of Koyns® more Koyns® would need to be purchased and assigned to that user. A handy Koyns® consumption report is always available in all our solutions, that you can refer to.

Purchase for someone else too
Anyone can purchase these Koyns® from our Store. Even any person who does not have an account with us. However, the purchaser needs to assign the purchased Koyns® to the user who wants it.

Multiple assignments
What is even more nice is that the purchaser can use the same KCode and assign it to others too -- of course that means; the Koyns® represented by that KCode is likely to get consumed faster as many are accessing the same pool.

We gave this capability to cater to situations such as: some senior person of an office purchasing such Koyns® for use by the staff of the office, or a parent assigning Koyns® to all the children/family members, etc.

BTW, you can even assign the same Koyns® on accounts in any of the solutions that our parent; Limen Leap Labs makes. Because all of them use Koyns®

2: Pay as per time
So far we spoke about 'pay as per features' capability. However, some may find purchasing Koyns® every now and then and assigning those to an account a bit of a bother.

In such a case, our solution also can be purchased on a 'pay as per time' basis. Typically, our solutions are available for 3, 6 and 12 month time-spans.

The pricing page indicates how many Koyns® you need to pay for those time-spans. There too; internally the system still does consume Koyns® the way we had explained earlier (i.e for priced features)

However to ensure that there is no interruption, we load the account with a large number of 'specially granted Koyns®' internally (which is specifcally time dependent and available only for that time-span) so that there is no chance of the user running out of Koyns® in that time-span.

Of course these specially granted Koyns® become active provided that account is assigned the KCode for the correct number of Koyns® specified for that time-span. Note that such Koyns® which gets assigned for the 'pay-as-per-time' basis can ONLY be used once. That means multiple-assignments are not possible with those Koyns®

Buy Koyns® or earn free ones
As mentioned earlier, once a while you may need more Koyns®. You can buy these Koyns® or ... even better ... you can get additional Trial Koyns® by asking your friends to sign-up using a special link. (The link is active provided you have logged in)

*The term 'Cryptocurrency' can be confusing and misleading too. Let it be emphasized here that Koyns® are SIMPLY NOT CRYPTOCURRENCY. The term 'Koyns®' is simply a term for a convenient concept for you to understand how we earn our money. Koyns® makes sense and are usable ONLY within our solutions. They have no value anywhere else. You do NOT get any physical coins or voucher or note when you purchase Koyns® You cannot exchange Koyns® in any regular currency market.